We've got you covered

SSQ UltraCover system

As the first of its kind and an Apex exclusive to Guernsey customers, the SSQ UltraCover system is a fully insurance-backed slate roofing system with multiple benefits. To be approved as an SSQ Assured Installer for this specialised roofing system, we had to go through an extensive vetting process, including multiple on-site inspections of our work. To pass the SSQ inspections, not only must every element of the roof be constructed using the highest quality of materials that will stand the test of time, the roof finish must also meet the highest aesthetic standard too.


We use a wide range of materials available through local, national and international suppliers to give some of the most competitive prices available. We can also source all types of reclaimed materials to blend with existing structures to maintain the integrity and original essence of a building. We can source any new or reclaimed slate from our network of Guernsey, UK and internationally-based suppliers.

Rust Proof Guarantees

Island-living brings with it increased exposure to the elements, with the saltwater sea spray speeding up weathering and erosion. This being the case, preventing rusting is a common challenge in the building trade, particularly the rusting of impurities in slates which, over time, will weaken slates and stop them being watertight. To overcome this, we use the best quality slates as standard in all our roofing projects. Some of our slate range has an exclusive Rust Proof Guarantee covering them for up to 100 years and giving you peace of mind that your slate roof has longevity.